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Pembangunan Jembatan Girder Composit Timor Leste - By : adminlma - Date : 2016-11-24

Project PT. Maiska Bhumi Sejahtera - By : adminlma - Date : 2013-11-26

Project PT. Hartono Plantation Indonesia - By : adminlma - Date : 2013-11-26

Along with the development of Agro Business such as palm oil, the demand for greater clearance work. Seeing a business opportunity and as a business development efforts, the Elma Group was involved in some project work clearing oil palm plantations. The work done Elma Group in this sector is preparing land (land clearing) and preparation of infrastructure.

Preparation of land (land clearing) is a clearing and land preparation up to the land ready for planting coconut sawit.Adapun Land clearing the purpose of this activity is to prepare the planting area ready to support the growth of oil palm plantations and facilitate the management of the garden when the time comes.

Preparation of infrastructure is a means of supporting the activities of the manufacture of oil palm plantation activities such as making trenches, contour terraces, gardens road construction.

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